Consulting & Speaking

Dr. Goddard occasionally consults
(part-time and only with permission from Mississippi State University) for pest control personnel or private industry. In addition, he sometimes serves as expert witness in court cases involving insect pests.



Dr. Goddard regularly speaks at scientific conferences, seminars, training events, and trade shows on a wide variety of topics relating to insects and public health. For example, in 2006, he spoke to 6,354 people in 15 states.

Most frequent speeches:
I. The Public Health Benefits of Pesticides a worldwide overview of vector-borne diseases and ways pesticides help prevent or manage them. Also, the psychological basis for anti-pesticide
fears is presented
II. Arthropods and Human Health 
a general overview of the insects, spiders, mites, ticks, and scorpions affecting human health worldwide
III. The PCO Role in Public Health 
discussion of how pest control operators play a role in protection of public health
IV. Delusions of Parasitosis 
discussion of the emotional disorder DOP and various pathways to it. Also, management/treatment options are presented
V. Lesions Produced by Arthropods 
presentation of a wide array of skin lesions produced by arthropods, their pathogenesis, and treatment
VI. Environmental Health and Safety Issues Facing PCOs 
discussion of several main health and safety issues facing PCOs today, including lawsuits, pesticide safety, water quality issues, and others
VII. Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases 
a worldwide overview of the tick-borne diseases worldwide with special emphasis on Borrelliosis and the spotted fever group diseases
VIII. The Use of Logic in Science 
a funny expose on phony scientific claims and also ways to sharpen one’s critical thinking skills

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