Saturday, June 1, 2019

Jerome Goddard newest novel, Soul Traveler, now available.

My latest novel, Soul Traveler, published in May 2019 by the University of West Alabama Press (Livingston Press) is now available.  Rosella, my wife, helped me plot this very exciting new book.  I don't want to tell too much about the storyline (might give it away), but here's the back cover summary:

No one knows exactly what a human soul is. Religious people claim it’s a spiritual thing; others think it’s simply the sum of one’s thoughts, experiences, and memories. In this story, a deceased neuroscientist, Gregory “Dex” Poindexter, who has worked with trauma patients, has found a way to resurrect himself inside the brain of his ex-girlfriend, whom he had previously experimented on. The only hope of stopping Dex’s plan to continue infecting others with his essence or soul resides with Samantha Mathis, an emotionally torn teenager, and her boyish math professor friend, Jeremy Williams. The two suspect that Dex has released a secret power that can destroy far more than one small Mississippi town. The confirmation of their discovery comes from a clue that the “possessed” ex-girlfriend shouts out: the title of an old Supremes song, whose lyrics Jeremy can’t get out of his mind, “You possess my soul now, honey . . .” When Samantha tosses in other clues they enter into a race to stop the resurrected Dex. 

Excerpt about Soul Traveler from Kirkus Review Magazine, April 11, 2019

". . . science and technology speculation might have been served by the Goddards in the heady doses that bestselling novelist Michael Crichton generated in his books, but the authors pull away from that. (And they are notably ahead of Crichton in the characterizations, with the exception of the noncorporeal Dex, who remains a pretty pallid rotter.) Only in the twist finale does the storyline echo such memorable sci-fi short fiction entries on similar themes, like Brian W. Aldiss’ “Let’s Be Frank” and Robert Bloch’s grim “Forever and Amen,” sharply turning away from the virtuous stuff offered before it.  This is a Christian-leaning science thriller that stays on the mild side until it produces a sudden sting."
If you want a signed copy of this novel, let me know, only $10 plus $3.50 postage.  Send me an email for instructions. PayPal accepted. 

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